Friday, March 30, 2012

iPad Update

We now have 290 apps. And while I know how I lived without an iPad, it is easy to exaggerate, "How did I ever live without an iPad?"

Most of the apps are free, and I appreciate free. Even the ones that are lite versions, meaning to get the full spectrum of the offering, you are offered "in app purchases," at least lite lets me try before I buy and decide if I want to put out actual money. Fruit Ninja is one Jeff decided we needed the full version of.

I am grateful to Carisa at 1+1+1=1 for the heads up on App Shopper. This handy free app lets you keep a wishlist, and lets you know if the price drops on your desired app! We have downloaded so many free and on sale apps because of this. Sometimes the sale is a day or less, making it difficult to keep track of all the apps. And, the app is not perfect, sometimes the price is wrong. Caveat emptor.

We have tons of ABC, number, animal, and pre-school apps. How will I know which ones will strike Elinore's fancy? So I download free or lite versions, and delete them if they don't work. It's so much cheaper than buying CD-Rom based software that you can't return once opened. We also have oodles of books.and a few things for Hannah. Hannah, unfortunately, can barely get a turn.

So I will end with a free app I found on Pinterest: Singing Fingers It records your voice while you finger paint, and plays it back when you trace the drawing. Only it's not just your voice, it's any sound you can record. Fabulous!

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