Monday, April 16, 2012


Things I like about walking to church:

Spring breezes
Birds chirping
Holding soft baby hand
Cheerful neighbors
Anticipation of worship, fellowship, and Scripture

Things I don't like about walking to church:

Used condoms and empty wrappers
Dead rodents
Dog poop
Prostitutes (or maybe not, could be just hanging out, it's hard for me to tell the difference)
Drug dealers (or maybe not, could be just hanging out, it's hard for me to tell the difference)

Did I forget drug needles?

And I live less than two blocks from church.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday

We were blessed to attend Good Friday service at Capital Christian Fellowship near DC last night. We were a little late for the potluck, but our Krispy Kreme doughnuts managed to disappear all the same. Elinore had such a good time in Child Care, she didn't want to leave for home. She recovered from her disappointment some in the gym playing with balls, but was exhausted and insisting in a loud voice, "I'm not tired!!" Naturally, she fell asleep on the way home, and stayed alseep while daddy put her to bed.

I really enjoyed the garden theme in the sanctuary, and the blend of discussion on modern and biblical gardens, the reminder that we plant seeds, but God is the Gardener, and he grows the seeds. Good Friday services have changed since I was a young'un, but I still enjoy them.

Earlier this week, our pastor Marita and family blessed us with some cutie little cupcakes. I know how much work goes into creating little treats, so I am thankful to receive these!

Sunday's Coming!!

Spring Printables

I made this file folder book from printables I found at Creative Learning Fun. Elizabeth always has such nice packets for free! She had so many in the spring pack, I just used the ones Elinore is working on.
Most of them are for color matching.

And working on shape names.

I stacked the folders and used my long reach stapler to connect them in the middle.
Then I added little pockets to hold the pieces.

I laminated the backgrounds back to back so only one side was laminated, because laminate is hard to glue. Finally, I used velcro for each of the little matching pieces. The set stays together pretty well, but the pieces fall out of the pocket if I am not careful. So I leave them velcroed in place and just put them in the pockets when we are ready to play.

We mostly used these with Elinore's special instructor. I don't have her permission to use her picture, so you only see product here, and not "action" shots. I am gifting the set to her to use with other students because a) Elinore already learned her colors; b) she won't need this next spring; c) this is a lot of work and supplies to put together, and I want someone to get some use out of it!