Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Printables

I made this file folder book from printables I found at Creative Learning Fun. Elizabeth always has such nice packets for free! She had so many in the spring pack, I just used the ones Elinore is working on.
Most of them are for color matching.

And working on shape names.

I stacked the folders and used my long reach stapler to connect them in the middle.
Then I added little pockets to hold the pieces.

I laminated the backgrounds back to back so only one side was laminated, because laminate is hard to glue. Finally, I used velcro for each of the little matching pieces. The set stays together pretty well, but the pieces fall out of the pocket if I am not careful. So I leave them velcroed in place and just put them in the pockets when we are ready to play.

We mostly used these with Elinore's special instructor. I don't have her permission to use her picture, so you only see product here, and not "action" shots. I am gifting the set to her to use with other students because a) Elinore already learned her colors; b) she won't need this next spring; c) this is a lot of work and supplies to put together, and I want someone to get some use out of it!

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  1. I am so happy you found my packet useful. Thank you so much for sharing my printables with others. :)

    ~ Elizabeth from Creative Learning Fun