Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Catching up for April

Wow, it's been over a month since I last posted! It doesn't matter too much, this is mostly for recording for our family. I don't have many readers, and the ones who read, already know what's going on.

One of the reasons I post irregularly, is that I like to have at least one photo per post. I have a new camera that is not as easy to get pictures from, and Elinore is still not reliably wearing clothes, ergo, few blog posts.

What Elinore is reliable going to the potty! It took running out of diapers, and telling her "Sorry, you have to wear panties." So few accidents, I am convinced she could've done it sooner. Never mind, she's done.

My birthday was last month, and now I am halfway to 90. I celebrated my birthday by throwing a surprise birthday party for Hannah. Her birthday is not till August, but her birthday party last year was canceled due to a hurricane flooding the State Park where we reserved a pavillion. And boy, was she surprised!

Caitlin came over to celebrate MY birthday and I wanted to go to AC Moore for my birthday (totally believable, right?). So we had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's and headed to AC Moore. Jeff walked her in, and oddly, he had put his hands over her eyes. Everyone yelled "Surprise!" and I said, "Happy Birthday Hannah" and her response was, "Wait, whuut?"

She made Duck Tape purses with her friends Lexi, Lydia, Eden Bethany, Mariah, Justus, and Jobe. Her dad made a birthday cake from scratch, we had tacos, chippy things, and ice cream. She got lots of presents that mader her very happy. Her last present came in an iPad box. Her friends gasped, "She got an iPad!", but Hannah assured them it was just an iPad box. Imagine her surprise when she found an iPad! Elinore has been rotten about sharing hers, and Jeff found a bargain on Ubid. She is still thanking us!

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